Q: Hey Nick, what gives? I just paid and it keeps sending me back to square one. Am I doing something wrong?

A: Yo, nope you are on track. After your purchase, make sure when you return to the homepage that you:


a) sign in at the upper left corner

b) Select the "Watch Here" section from the top

c) enjoy!

Q: Hey Nick, am I being charged twice? It shows a charge 3 days after I entered my credit card info.

A: You are in the clear. The trial period starts with $0.00 taken from your card and on the final day of the trial it will charge at the end of it if you haven't cancelled yet. 

Q: I'm having issues logging in via mobile. How do I do it? 

Watch this video tutorial on twitter. Feel free to follow for Good Lion Threads.

reach out if stil having issues: