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Website Terminology

Becoming a Member of GLTV

Members get access to all free films on Good Lion TV. There are over a thousand curated films and growing.

You can access free films under the Redpill Cinema, or Newly Added Channels in the FILMS menu. All you need to do click on a film you want to watch, and we'll take care of you from there. 

NOTE: Upon clicking a video and being asked to sign up, the prompt reads "you'll have access to one film", that is a glitch, ignore it.

After you sign up, you'll have access to view all films non exclusive.

Subscribing to GLTV

Subscribers are paying members. They get full access to the entire site. They get to look forward to 16 productions a month by Lion Disclosure, and 1-2 Good Lion Films a month. 

Subscribers will also get to access Good Lion TV features that are in development such as live streams, community portals & forums, and Android / Apple Good Lion TV App.

NOTE: After subscribing - if you experience videos still not playing, simply log out and sign back in. If you continue to experience issues - contact us via our chat assistant. 

Why are we charging a premium?

We encourage your support because it allows us to continue our mission to Redpill the World. So far I'd say we've gotten pretty far.

In order for us to continue doing this and to grow into hiring and training video editors and content creators - support from you is vital. 

What plans do we offer?

We offer Monthly, Yearly, a Mug Club option (coffee mug with a yearly subscription), and also we have introduced an Investor plan.

Investors get to choose a topic for us to make a series on a few times a year. How cool is that?To purchase a plan head to the PLANS AND PRICING section of our menu.

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