Common Questions & Answers

Running into issues... read on. We got you.

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to the upper right hand corner, select subscriptions under the dropdown menu and the option to cancel will be presented below. 

I just signed up, why can't I sign in? How do I watch films?

Make sure you sign in first, then click Good Lion TV from the menu. Enjoy!

Where can I listen to the music featured in the film?

Venus Looking Glass is also an extension of my talents, you can find recent and past released albums on Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart Radio and more.

How do we reach out to you?

Find me on Twitter @GoodLionFilms

Instagram @Brotunda

Email: Nick@GoodLion.TV

Can I watch for free?

Click the Lion's eye after clicking join for $4 on the front page. This will get you instant access, just create a free account first when prompted.

How can I share with my friends who aren't members?

Invite them to a free trial, or have them enter through the backdoor. ^ See above 

Also Good Lion Films is on Bitchute and other alternative social media platforms. (Except not all films are uploaded)

I just joined the Mug Club... now what?

Make sure to email your home address so we can ship the mug out asap. 

Do you get sleep ever?